ERP On Premise vs ERP Cloud / SaaS

which one the best?

If you want to choice how to deploy ERP System in your company, you must be carefully to make decision because if you go back it will be complicated and the are some risk will be come. We want help you to make decision which one more suitable for you to  deploy your ERP.

ERP On Premise  –

ERP On Premise have some of benefits for the IT department. This is a gives the IT department totally control over its IT infrastructure. All updates, additional modules and customs ,  managed by the IT department. If, for example, you have contractual commitments to your customers that require you to store your data on your own servers, this can be valuable.

However, on premise hosting requires the IT department to take on a substantial workload. If your business is growing quickly, hosting your ERP solution on your premises will require you to make regular investments in new servers, etc. And of course, all that comes at a cost!
You have to prepare data center infrastructure in your company as room,electricity power backup,server,network,security and IT staff to maintenance.

 ERP Cloud /SaaS –

If you would prefer to reduce costs as far as possibel and have no particular reason to host ERP Odoo in on-premise mode, you can opt for the ERP Odoo cloud. Indeed, choosing a SaaS package that uses the publisher’s cloud is the most economical solution, which is its primary benefit.

Odoo ERP Cloud is able to offer very competitive rates for the cloud. The most significant relates to updates to the ERP system.

If you have a completely standard Odoo ERP implementation or even somewhat specific fully customs as your request  , we could help you customize  with your business needs.